Racketlon is a combination sport in which competitors play a sequence of the four most popular racket sportstable tennisbadmintonsquash, and tennis. It originated in Finland and Sweden and was modeled on other combination sports like the triathlon and decathlon. A racketlon match contains four sets, one in each sport. Each set is played to 21 points, much like in table tennis, but the total winner of a racketlon match is not the one that wins most sets but the one that scores the most points in total. The winner is the best all round racket player.

In racketlon a player competes against an opponent, or a doubles pair, in each of the four biggest racket sports: table tennis, badminton, squash and tennis. One set is played in each sport, in the order from the smallest to the biggest racket. Each of the four sets are played with running score to 21 points, with a margin of two points needed to finish a set. In team competitions, however, the individual matches are played to 11 points. Each player serves two serves at a time, and except in table tennis, this is always one serve from the right side and one serve from the left side of the court. Lots are drawn to decide who starts serving in table tennis, and this player will also start serving in squash.

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